How To Get Engaged – Here are the tips to make your day unforgettable

how to get engaged

Knowing how everything should work when getting engaged can be challenging. It all seems so simple in movies, but it can feel much more complicated when planning for it yourself. In these cases, it’s also usually about proposing, meaning you jump straight to the question of marriage instead of taking the more natural step of getting engaged first.

As February 14th approaches, love is genuinely in the air. What better way to show your significant other just how much you care than by taking it up a notch and getting engaged? Many couples opt for this romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day – making it one of the most popular days out of all 365.

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What Is An Engagement?

It should be mentioned in this context that engagement and proposal are not the same things. In the past, an engagement symbolised a future marriage, but in this case, much has changed. An engagement is more like proof that a couple belongs together, while a proposal has become the real “promise” that a marriage is on the way.

Engagement Before And Now

Engagement Before And Now

Although engagement can seem complicated, it is still much more straightforward than it used to be. In the past, there would be a detailed advertisement in the newspaper that an engagement had taken place, and after this, the couple would also have an engagement dinner.

None of this is a requirement today. Since an engagement was more or less a promise of marriage in the past, the man who wanted to marry was also expected to go to her father and ask for her hand in marriage.

Especially among the nobility, a young man could rarely propose without asking his parents’ opinion. Setting the girl’s parents straight was especially important. In this way, things have become much easier nowadays, as we rarely need to ask the woman’s parents for permission before proposing or getting engaged.

How To Get Engaged

This brings us to the main question. How does an engagement work? Is there a manual for how we can do it in the best possible way?

It sounds so simple in theory but can be much more difficult in practice. You’ve probably seen and heard about all sorts of spectacular and ingenious ways to get engaged. It can also cause stress – you want to make this occasion as memorable as possible. How will I know what to do and which venue to choose?

Make It Personal

A golden rule for all things engagement is to make it as personal as possible. This is an occasion unique to just the two of you and not something that needs to be advertised outwardly. Therefore, an engagement doesn’t necessarily have to be something spectacular.

Think less about what other people think and focus on making the day special for your loved one.

The Place For The Engagement

The Place For The Engagement

Many people get engaged while travelling. Although it can be romantic to get engaged at sunset in a beautiful place with warm weather and sun, there’s no need to go abroad or choose a spectacular venue for the occasion.  

Instead we recommend that you look for what is unique about the two of you. What brought you together, and where did you meet for the first time? What is your favourite place, or is there any particular activity that brought you together? From all this you can get clues regarding a perfect place for an engagement.

How To Choose An Engagement Ring

One of the essential parts of an engagement is the choice of rings. At the same time, it’s also one of the biggest challenges. How do you know what your partner likes, and how do you even know the size?

The size of the ring is not a big problem, provided you don’t buy a ring with diamonds all around the ring. Most shops also have a return policy on their rings, so if you want, you can safely buy a ring for your partner on engagement.

To make it the least hassle, we still recommend using a symbolic ring, such as a toy ring, when you ask your loved one to get engaged. Then, together, you can pick out the ring online or at the local shop.

Nowadays, a wide range of engagement rings are available online. When shopping online, it is important to check that they have an open purchase policy and free size adjustment. This makes it much easier if you are unsure about the choice of ring or size.

Since engagement rings come in many versions and materials nowadays, it might be a good idea to take a look at the selection together. Better than you alone trying to figure out if she likes white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or diamonds. While knowing everything about your woman’s tastes may sound charming in theory, it’s likely to go wrong in practice.

The ring is in a key position for most women regardless of what you, as a man, think of it. Many are still very traditional and place great emphasis on the symbolism of both engagement and wedding rings.

What Do You Say In An Engagement?

Another thing that can cause stress is what you should say in an engagement. We’re used to hearing all the verbally skilled actors express themselves in movies and series. How am I supposed to be as smooth and charming when I propose?

In this context, it is essential to distinguish between “poetry and reality”. Remember that the most important thing is not to say everything according to a romantic script.

You are one of the people who knows your partner best of all the people in the world – otherwise, it could be too soon to get engaged. You’ve probably learned a few things about how your partner works and what she/he likes to hear.

The most important thing is to prepare and practise what you want to say. Showing that you’ve made an effort and done your best is worth more than a thousand words.

FAQs – How To Get Engaged

How do you know when you’re ready to get engaged?

You know you’re ready for engagement when you and your partner have discussed your goals for life and other important topics such as faith, children and finances.

What are the benefits of being engaged?

Engagement brings a sense of security, joy and love that reaffirms one’s relationship with one significant other on an even deeper level.

How do you prepare for getting engaged?

Preparing for getting engaged involves gathering information about the type of ring desired or budget limitations, talking to the person’s family or friends and finding out if they have any traditions related to engagements that need to be observed.

How do you pick the right engagement ring?

Choosing the right engagement ring involves considering the gem, shape and size that best suits your partner’s style and taste.

How do you plan the engagement party?

Engagement parties are a way to celebrate this new life milestone with those closest to you and should be planned according to the couple’s preference for the type of event, venue and budget.

What does engagement mean?

Engagement is a formal agreement between two people to enter into marriage at some future date, usually accompanied by an exchange of rings or other tokens of commitment.

How does engagement work?

Engagement works by both parties agreeing to enter into marriage in the future; it does not require a ceremony or a witness.

Where is the engagement ring worn?

Engagement rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger of the hand, but this may vary according to culture and personal preference.

Can engagement rings be resized?

Engagement rings can usually be resized by a jewellery professional as long as they do not have intricate designs or precious stones that could become damaged.

Are engagement rings and wedding rings the same?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are typically different; however, some couples wear the same ring for both occasions.

Are engagement parties necessary?

Engagement parties are optional, and it is up to the couple whether they decide to have one or not. However, if desired, it should be planned ahead of time with close family and friends in mind.