Samsung Unveils The World’s First Dual Ultra HD Gaming Monitor at CES® 2023

The World's First Gaming Monitor With Dual Ultra HD Resolution

Samsung Electronics has made another breakthrough in its monitor lineup, introducing three new models at CES® 2023 that officially starts tomorrow. These offerings feature an array of innovative features to support a range of lifestyles and make life easier for everyone – from gamers looking for the ultimate experience to professionals wanting greater productivity efficiency.

The crown jewel is the Odyssey Neo G9, touted as the world’s first single monitor with dual ultra-high definition resolution, setting it apart from any other device on current market shelves.

The World’s First Gaming Monitor With Dual Ultra HD Resolution

The World's First Gaming Monitor With Dual Ultra HD Resolution

Gamers can experience a whole new level of detail with the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor (G95NC). This pioneering monitor offers an unprecedented 7,680×2160 resolution and 32:9 aspect ratio on one 57-inch curved screen.

Quantum mini LED technology ensures clear imaging in any kind of light setting while its matte display reduces reflection for an undisturbed gaming session during intense moments.

The Odyssey Neo G9 is the gaming powerhouse of choice with its revolutionary DisplayPort 2.1, doubling data transmission speed compared to DP 1.4 and offering industry-standard lossless compression via DSC; plus a supercharged refresh rate up to 240Hz so gamers can stay on top of every millisecond in their game.

Near Infinite Color Contrast With Odyssey OLED G9

samsung odyssey oled g9

Odyssey OLED G9 (Model Number:G95SC) is a breakthrough in display technology. Its dual 49″ quad-HD 1800R curved display, powered by quantum dot lighting and 32:9 ratio, renders a near infinite range of vibrant colors with an incredible 1 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio.

While traditional screens rely on backlighting that washes out color fidelity, the Odyssey G9 pixels light up individually, delivering full RGB accuracy without filters for true blacks – all while consuming less energy than conventional displays.

The Odyssey OLED G9 provides ultra-responsive gaming with a 0.1ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate, eliminating lagging or skipping for an uninterrupted experience. For added convenience, Smart Hub allows access to popular over the top content such as Prime Video and Netflix without needing a PC while Samsung Gaming Hub connects gamers with cloud streaming services from Xbox and NVIDIA GeForce Now.

ViewFinity S9: Game-changer For Creative Professionals

best monitor for creative professionals 2023

Samsung’s ViewFinity S9 monitor is a game-changer for creative professionals. Its 5K 27″ screen offers an unparalleled visual experience, with its expansive resolution and incredible color gamut providing sharp details and vibrant colors that make it ideal for graphic design or photography projects.

The S90PC’s state-of-the art technology ensures perfect accuracy every time to create stunning visuals in even the most complex settings.

You can calibrate your screen color and brightness with incredible accuracy using Samsung Smart Calibration. To reduce distractions while working, this powerful monitor also has a Matte Display that limits light reflection and glare.

For easy file transfer of high-resolution video or other data sets from storage devices to PCs, users have access to multiple connections such as USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 ports – plus it comes with a sleek 4K SlimFit camera for native app support like Google Meet via the Samsung Smart Hub.

Smart Monitor M8

samsung smart monitor M8 CES 2023

The Smart Monitor M8 (Model Number:M80C) packs a stylish and slim design with 4K resolution available in two sizes – 27” or 32″, both coming in four distinct colors to perfectly fit any room. The monitor provides ultimate comfort through its height-adjustable stand, tilt support, and 90 degree pivot feature allowing users the freedom to view documents without scrolling.

Additionally meeting VESA mount compatibility standards lets it save precious space while providing a clutter free environment.

With the Smart Monitor M8, you can enter a whole new world of convenience and home control. Connecting to over hundreds compatible devices using its built-in Samsung’s SmartThings Hub such as lights, cameras and thermostats – plus much more with Matter functionalty on the horizon – this monitor is re-defining how we interact with our homes’ tech systems.

Plus, mouse functionality has been added for further ease when navigating between apps like the Smart Things Hub or the other included over-the top services; no need for a remote.

You can also enjoy instant access to your favorite streaming services and an all-in-one game platform. Plus, its My Contents feature allows quick view of personal information onscreen, whether it’s photos or schedule, whenever a registered smartphone is detected in range via low power Bluetooth.

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