5 Wine Movies And Documentaries You Have To Watch

best wine movies and documentaries 2023

Do you consider yourself a budding wine connoisseur? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a creative and educational way to enjoy your next movie night. Look no further – we have compiled a list of some of the best classic and modern films that every serious wine lover should watch. From documentaries about vineyards around the world to movies focused on the intricate artisanship that makes each bottle special, these five movies and documentaries will introduce you to the process, history, and culture behind some of the most iconic wines in existence.

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Sideways (2004)

best movies about wine

Sideways is a hilarious and touching film about two friends, Miles and Jack, who take a road trip through California’s wine country. Miles, a struggling writer, is a wine aficionado who finds solace in the complexities and nuances of different wines, while Jack, a washed-up actor, is a hedonist who wants to drink and have fun. The film takes a humorous look at the world of wine and the relationships between the characters.

Bottle Shock (2008)

best wine movies

Bottle Shock is based on the true story of the 1976 Paris Wine Tasting, where a group of California wineries, including Chateau Montelena, took on the French wine establishment and won. The film follows the journey of the Napa Valley winemakers as they try to prove themselves in the international wine scene and the challenges they face along the way.

A Good Year (2006)

best movies about wine

A Good Year is a romantic comedy-drama that stars Russell Crowe as a London-based investment banker who inherits a vineyard in Provence, France. The film follows his journey as he falls in love with the vineyard, the wine, and a local woman while learning the importance of living a simple life and embracing the beauty of nature.

Mondovino (2004)

best documentaries about wine

Mondovino is a documentary that looks at the global wine industry and the impact of corporate influence on the world of wine. The film explores the conflicts between traditional wine-making methods and the introduction of new technology and global brands. It examines the impact of these changes on wine culture, quality, and tradition.

Somm (2012)

best documentaries about wine

This documentary follows four ambitious young wine enthusiasts as they attempt to pass one of the most difficult tests in their profession: The Master Sommelier Exam. Go on an emotional journey with them as they take on intense study sessions, rigorous tastings and challenging blindfold tests in their quest for the prestigious title.