10 books that will develop your intuition

best books on intuition

Are you looking for ways to hone or deepen your intuition? If so, then books can be a great resource to provide guidance and new perspectives. Understanding how to tap into our intuition is essential to cultivate the skills needed to live an empowered life. So if you’re interested in uncovering more about yourself and exploring intuitive growth, these are some of the titles that offer insightful nuggets on cultivating a deeper connection with our inner wisdom. Here we give you the best books on intuition.

10 best books on intuition

As we mentioned in our article earlier, intuition can be taught. A good way to develop your intuitive ability is to become aware of what it is and thus being able to focus on the right things. In this context, there are few better methods than reading what experts have to say on the subject.

We’ve gathered the best books on intuition to help you on your way.

The Intuitive Way: A Guide to Living from Inner Wisdom – Penney Peirce

best books on intuition

Everyone has the power to sense and interpret their environment intuitively – it’s not just a rare, special gift held exclusively by some. If you’re looking to hone your innate intuition even further and make practical use of it on a daily basis, then The Intuitive Way is an excellent source of wisdom.

This hands-on workbook provides guidance from philosophy, psychology, religion and business that can raise anyone’s level of perceptual awareness. 

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

books on intuition

From bold font to preconceived notions of beauty, why do humans make decisions the way they do? This book delves into how our brains are naturally wired with both fast and slow thinking processes that can cause us to be biased or misled.

Offering practical tools for smarter decision-making in all aspects of life, this work promises to help readers become more aware and less likely to fall prey to error and prejudice.

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking – Malcolm Gladwell

best books on intuition

How do experts know when a work of art is counterfeit, law enforcement makes split-second decisions to shoot, or psychologists predict the fate of relationships in minutes? This fascinating book explores how honing our instincts can deepen understanding and transform decision-making for good.

Developing Intuition: Practical Guidance for Daily Life – Gawain, Shakti

books intuition

Developing intuition can empower us to reach our goals and enrich all aspects of life. Shakti Gawain invites us to unlock our potential by providing practical advice on understanding and applying our inner knowledge for better health, creativity, work opportunities and prosperity.

Her teaching methods are based on a series of motivating exercises that show how we can listen carefully to what’s going inside while still evaluating information in relation to reality – as illustrated through stories drawn from her clientele’s experiences or her own journey toward success.

Intuitive Being: Connect with Spirit, Find Your Center, and Choose an Intentional Life – Jill Willard

best books about intuition

Have you been looking for a way to unlock the incredible wisdom of your intuition? With Intuitive Being, beloved celebrity and CEO mentor Jill Willard provides readers with an innovative approach that teaches them how to tap into their inner voice, which is ultimately connected spirit.

By unlocking and balancing each energy centre within ourselves, the gateways connecting us all to our true power source, we can use this connection to make better decisions, create abundance in all areas of life, and experience unlimited growth. 

Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power – Kim Chestney

radical intuition book

For two decades, Kim Chestney has been pioneering the concept of intuition as a powerful tool for business and cultural progress. She discovered that this inner intelligence is innate in all humans – not just some dark or mysterious hunch but rather an evolutionary form of cognition.

Through her research-backed approach outlined in “Radical Intuition”, readers learn how to unlock their intuitive development system so they can use these insights to achieve meaningful success, innovate solutions, and reach new heights.

Intuition: Access Your Inner Wisdom. Trust Your Instincts. Find Your Path – Amisha Ghadiali

books intuition

Feel empowered and unlock your full potential with this life-changing book by Amisha Ghadiali. This intuitive therapist, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher has compiled inspiring quotes, helpful exercises, and guidance on how to live the best version of yourself into one powerful source.

Using simple techniques encouraged within its pages you’ll be able to connect with your subconscious mind while applying intuition in health, family relationships, work and creativity – ultimately creating a more prosperous future than ever!

Gut Feelings: Short Cuts to Better Decision Making – Gerd Gigerenzer

gut feelings book

Could your decisions be improved by unlocking the power of intuition? Gerd Gigerenzer, a psychologist and behavioural expert, reveals our brain’s “shortcut”, or heuristic: an alternative to overthinking every decision.

By uncovering how this hidden intelligence works, from personal selection processes to surgery, Gigerenzer can help you make better choices in uncertain situations without being overwhelmed with information overload. Learn the secrets behind fast and effective decision-making!

Trust Your Vibes – Sonia Choquette

trust your vibes book

Sonia Choquette’s book reveals the secrets to living a harmonious and balanced life. Through real-life stories of those who have tapped into their intuition, Sonia teaches readers how they, too, can awaken their sixth sense and trust in themselves.

By taking steps modelled after these people, we may gain inner peace by activating our intuitive channel – allowing us to create more effectively, heal emotional wounds quicker, and reduce anxiousness from uncertainty. Discover your potential with this insightful guidebook!

The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life – Dr Tara Swart

The source book

Unlock the true power of your brain with The Source, a revolutionary guide to life by neuroscientist and executive coach Dr Tara Swart. Taking cognitive science and her experience coaching success-driven individuals, she offers an enlightening four-step approach that fuses spirituality and rationality to help you reach your goals – no matter what they may be!