Here is the best GPS running watch for 2023 – Beats all competitors with its price/quality ratio

best gps running watch 2023

There are many GPS sports watches on the market, and the technology is developing extremely fast in this area. For running there is a watch that stands out for its excellent price/quality ratio. Here we bring you the best GPS running watch right now.

Regarding GPS watches specifically for running, there are a few things to consider. Here are the most important:

what to consider when buying a gps running watch

1. Accurate Tracking: 

The most important feature of any GPS running watch is its accuracy when tracking distance and speed. Make sure the device you choose is consistently providing reliable data. Checking reviews of current product users is one good way of doing this.

2. Battery Life: 

GPS watches usually have a limited battery life, affecting how long you can use the watch outdoors. Consider your needs and pick a GPS running watch with an adequate power capacity.

3. User-friendly Interface: 

An easy-to-use interface is essential, as it allows you to access all of the features quickly and easily. Look for watches with a simple, intuitive design. Especially while running, it’s important to be able to navigate easily and see the numbers on the screen clearly.

4. Connectivity: 

GPS watches are usually compatible with other devices, such as smartphones or computers, meaning you’ll be able to sync your run data with more advanced analysis tools. Check the device specifications and make sure it is compatible with any existing equipment you may have.

5. Budget: 

GPS running watches range from basic models to more advanced options with plenty of features, and the price can vary significantly. 

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The best GPS running watch 2023

best gps running watch 2023

By considering the five factors above, there is one GPS running watch in particular that we recommend. COROS PACE 2 was released in August 2020 and quickly became a success. It boasts many impressive features that you only see in premium GPS watches. The fact that COROS has managed to attract some of the world’s top runners like Eliud Kipchoge and Emma Coburn as users of this watch says a lot about its capabilities.

Best GPS running watch in its price range

COROS PACE 2 is priced between £157-£256 depending on the straps and colours on the watch. This is a very good price, considering all the features that comes with the watch. When we compare it to other models of GPS running watches on the market, it is definitely the best GPS running watch in its price range. The question is whether there is a better running watch at any price level at the moment.

Advanced Analytics to measure your progress

best gps running watch 2023

EvoLab from COROS revolutionizes the way you can track and analyze your fitness journey. With effortless tracking technology, all users get access to advanced analytics that measure workouts, recovery time, and more – all for free!

COROS EvoLab measures your training progress so you can optimize each workout and build fitness over time. Stay on track with Load Impact – a short-term measure of how hard you’ve been pushing yourself the past seven days, or make sure to hit those long-term goals by monitoring Base Fitness for an average of 6 weeks’ work.

best gps running watch

As athletes, our bodies respond differently to training loads – referred to as fatigue. COROS EvoLab measures this with their Fatigue measurement by comparing your Load Impact and Base Fitness metrics. Once the numbers are crunched, they can tell if you have an optimized or performance-ready level of training.

Customize your training with smart functionalities

customise your training with smart gps watches

With the PACE2, you can build your custom workout to suit any fitness goal. Create a challenging circuit using over 200 pre-loaded exercises, or download an exciting featured routine straight from COROS. Whatever activity level you set for yourself, this device has got you covered.

You can also get a competitive edge in long-distance running with Nutrition Alerts. This helpful feature will buzz and chime at just the right times to let you know it’s time for a refuel so your performance is always on point.

The AI Trainer is like having a personal recovery coach – monitoring energy levels post-exertion and estimating how long it will take to get you back in top shape.

Excellent race predictor

race predictor

From 5k to marathon, EvoLab also helps you reach your race goals with pinpoint accuracy. Your GPS watch guides the way, giving personalized predictions and pacing advice based on actual runs – no more guesswork needed!

One of the lightest GPS running watches on the market 

COROS PACE 2 was the lightest GPS watches in the world at the time of its release. You will hardly even notice that you are wearing a watch around your wrist when you wear it.

Impressive battery life

If you’re looking for a GPS watch that can go the distance, COROS PACE 2 is it. With their advanced efficiency battery technology and UltraMax mode, this model offers an impressive 30 hours of continuous tracking.

You can go the extra mile – literally. With COROS PACE 2, you can enjoy 20 days of uninterrupted tracking if you don’t use your GPS. You can monitor your heart rate and steps taken, receive notifications and set alarms. Make the most of any race or family vacation without worrying about carrying an extra charger.

Water resistance up to 50 meters

COROS PACE 2 was designed to be the perfect tracking device for any aquatic activity – from pool workouts to daring ocean expeditions. Its impressive 50-meter water resistance is perfect for alternative workouts like water running.

Night Mode

You get the brightness you need for night activities with the Night Mode. This feature leaves the backlight on so your eyes can adjust to read in darkness, all while conserving battery power. And when morning comes around or if you finish your activity beforehand, it automatically turns off.

Track Run Mode

Another impressive feature is the Track Run Mode. A feature you don’t find in many other GPS watches. You’ll have access to comprehensive running power metrics from the wrist and seamless integration with Stryd technology. This innovative feature utilizes a specialized algorithm to precisely monitor your track runs and workouts for accurate results.

COROS PACE 2 also boasts an impressively rugged construction, with a fibre-reinforced polymer bezel and a Corning glass screen. It has been vastly upgraded in processing power, RAM and storage lately – boasting 1.5x higher performance across these categories compared to the first release of the model.

There’s a reason Eliud Kipchoge has chosen COROS PACE 2 as his running watch. If it’s good enough for the world’s all-time best marathon runner, it’s probably good enough for you!