Dyson Ventures into Wearable Technology with the Dyson Zone™

dyson headphones with air purifier 2023

Dyson, known for its innovative home appliances, takes a pioneering step into the realm of wearable technology with its latest invention – the Dyson Zone™. These cutting-edge headphones not only offer an engaging and pristine listening experience but also cater to the need for on-the-move air purification.

Overcoming Urban Challenges: Noise and Pollution

dyson zone headphones with air purifier 2023

Engineered to counter the twin hassles of urban life – ambient noise and air contamination – the Dyson Zone™ functions as a pair of headphones alone or can be combined with a detachable visor. This extra feature enriches the user experience by directing purified air into your breathing space.

Years of R&D for Sound and Air Quality Excellence

Years of rigorous research and development by Dyson engineers have culminated in headphones that promise extremely low distortion, superior noise cancellation, and faithful sound reproduction spanning the full audio spectrum. The Dyson Zone™ is equipped with electrostatic media filters that trap 99% of particulate pollutants as minute as 0.1 microns*.

Additionally, the K-Carbon filters, rich in potassium, effectively eliminate city-related gases like NO2 and SO2. On top of all these features, the headphones come with an impressive battery life of 50 hours when used exclusively for audio.

Unique Features of the Dyson Zone™

dyson zone headphones with air purifier 2023

An Intersection of Science and Sound Engineering

The Dyson Zone™ marries the scientific method with audio engineering. Users can enjoy immersive audio and escape from the cacophony of city noise thanks to state-of-the-art active noise cancelling (ANC) technology, low distortion, and neutral frequency response designed to reproduce audio exactly as the creator intended.

Pollution-free Experience with High-Efficiency Filtration

In each earcup, precision-engineered compressors suck in air, which is subsequently purified by the dual-layer filters. The non-contact visor then directs two streams of purified air to the wearer’s nose and mouth.

Personalization and Real-Time Feedback through MyDyson™ App

The MyDyson™ app offers an array of features, such as adjusting airflow speed, toggling between transparency and isolation mode, personalizing equalization, and more. Further, the headphones feature a sensor that monitors NO2 levels in the air, which can be tracked live through the app, along with real-time environmental noise levels.

Key Specifications of Dyson Zone™

dyson headphones with air purifier 2023 launch in US
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*Filter efficiency tested to ISO 29463 adapted at max flow set by an independent third-party laboratory. Capture rates may vary based on actual usage.

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