Men’s Fashion 2023 – Here Are The Trends That Affect How We Will Dress This Year

men's fashion 2023
Cesare Attolini Fall/Winter

How does Men’s Fashion look like in 2023? Here we’ve gathered the Trends in Men’s Fashion 2023, together with our top tips on dressing well. We’ve explored the full range of men’s fashion collections to bring you the most stylish fashion essentials for each season.

What’s been unique about the past few years in men’s fashion is that we’ve been affected by the state of the corona pandemic. This has meant that, among other things, clothing for home use has become more of a focus. In 2022, we saw a strong desire for a more normal lifestyle, which affected how we dressed. Going into 2023 we see several global trends that will affect how we dress.

Best Men’s Fashion Online 2023

Best Men's Fashion online 2023
Picture: Eton Shirts

There are many sources for inspiration in men’s fashion 2023. We always recommend quality clothing for those looking for the best men’s fashion stores online. Mr Porter and Farfetch are among the best men’s fashion stores for exclusive, premium men’s clothing. Internationally, Mr Porter is the number one. All online men’s fashion stores have their specialist areas in which they are strong.

Farfetch is another strong candidate for those looking for quality clothing online. On this site, you can also find second-hand models of luxury watches from brands like Patek Philippe – something that is extremely difficult to find online.

How To Dress Stylishly 2023

How to dress stylishly 2023

All of us have different ideas about what is a stylish and elegant style. A lot comes down to symmetry and the ability to combine colours and different garments. Fit is the focus when it comes to dressing nicely. Further down, you will find style tips under each garment category.

Style tips! Take a cue from how people dressed in the 1930s to the 1950s when you’re looking for style inspiration for 2023. You’ll find style inspiration in films and series from the decades mentioned. Also older fashion magazines are a good source of inspiration.

Trends In Men’s Fashion 2023

Men's Fashion 2023
Picture: Oscar Jacobson

A few trends are prominent in current men’s fashion 2023. Here are some of the most important overall trends in menswear 2023:

Style Trends In Men’s Fashion 2023

Men's Fashion 2023
Kingsman Collection at Mr Porter

We find some notable things when we go into more detail about the different collections in men’s fashion 2023. Many brands look back to the 1930s and a few decades ahead for inspiration. In difficult times, we humans tend to look back to times when everything seemed simpler – we get nostalgic.

Here are the most prominent style trends in men’s fashion in 2023:

Classic And Timeless Menswear

What is clear is that 1930s men’s fashion has been prominent in many collections launched in recent years. We also find a lot of style inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s in recently launched collections.

An interesting thing we’ve seen for example in the collections from Ralph Lauren is the distinct style of the 1920s, with wide stripes on blazers and suits, combined with the higher waists on trousers from the 1930s.

Overall, there is a greater interest in classic and timeless menswear. We draw inspiration from old movies, magazines, and social media channels focusing on classic menswear.

Stylish And Classic Details

Especially in classic men’s fashion 2023, there is a greater focus on the details. Here are some of the most important details to look out for in men’s fashion 2023:

  • Double or single front pleats on trousers.
  • Lapels on the legs of trousers
  • Focus on materials – high-end fabrics and stretch materials
  • Open collars on polo shirts
  • Double-breasted coats and blazers
  • Wider lapels on jackets and coats

Colour Trends In Menswear 2023

Colour trends In Menswear 2023
Picture: Brunello Cucinelli
colour trends in men's fashion 2023

Earthy colours have become more prominent in men’s collections in recent years. This is evident regardless of the season. The colour palette range from light beiges and off-whites to darker browns and olive greens. More dark colours come into play for autumn and winter. These include various shades of brown, beige, navy and grey.

For summer, we will find lighter colours. In the men’s fashion collections for spring and summer 2023, we see a lot of pastel colours. It’s obvious that inspiration has been taken from the 1950s and 1960s when looking for inspiration for the colouring of the garments. Two big trend colours in menswear for spring and summer 2023 are lighter shades of olive green and beige.

Sandy colours are also well represented in the collections.

fashion colours menswear 2023

Another trend colour that is coming strong to the spring and summer collections is mustard yellow, which you will find in the middle of the colour scale. Its vintage colour goes very well with many of the season’s key pieces.

How To Combine Colours In Clothes?

colour matching in clothes men's fashion 2023

One of the most difficult arts for many is the ability to combine colours stylishly. It may not be as apparent as it may seem. Applying colour theories alone rarely guarantees a stylish outfit. Combining colours in a good way is essentially an art form and very little about what is neat in theory.

We recommend taking inspiration from stylish outfits on social media or similar if you want to achieve an elegant outfit. It’s also about experimenting with combinations until you find the right one. In many cases, completely unexpected colours can go well together.

Regarding fashion colours 2023, we recommend using many complementary colours when dressing. Sand and beige colours are popular in outerwear, such as jackets and suits. Along with that, white sweaters and shirts are always a safe bet. But also use brown, beige and sandy colours to complete your outfit.

Style tip! Look for complementary colours in a similar shade when using earthy colours. In colour theory it’s popular to suggest wearing colours that are on the opposite side of the colour wheel. This usually creates too much contrast and can make you look like a peacock instead of a well-dressed gentleman.

Functional Garments In Classic Men’s Fashion

Functional garments in classic men's fashion
Henry Poole x Gore-Tex

We can also see rapid developments in materials technology. Most classic fashion brands that have launched travel collections in recent years feature stylish menswear in stretch fabrics. It’s a trend that has become more popular as more people work from home.

Garments combining elements of classic, stylish men’s wear with workwear are becoming more common. You’ll also find washable suits among many brands. One of the big trends in recent seasons has also been the collaboration of several brands from different industries to develop new types of garments. These include the collaboration between the venerable British company Henry Poole and the outdoor brand Gore-Tex.

Exclusive And Durable Fabrics

We, men, have become more interested in the garments we wear. Quality is more than a marketing word used by fashion brands nowadays. Today’s men are interested in the history behind the clothes we wear, and we, therefore, are more demanding. We don’t mind paying more for a cashmere coat knowing how soft and warm this fabric is.

As a result, many fashion brands are also increasingly launching new garments in exclusive materials for new collections. A greater interest in quality and exclusive fabrics has fostered a new generation of men interested in caring for their clothes.

Global Trends Affecting Men’s Fashion 2023

Above we discussed style trends, but behind it all, there are broader global trends influencing fashion more than ever before.

Global Factors Influence Our Habits And Needs

trends in men's fashion 2023

When analysing the recent years in fashion, it’s evident that environmental factors are influencing the way we dress more than ever before. With the pandemic, we were forced into isolation, which gave us more need for stay-at-home garments, and when restrictions were eased, we felt a need to dress up. But the effects of the pandemic are still being felt in men’s fashion, since many nowadays work remotely.

In 2023, higher inflation could again make us cut back on spending – something that could make us buy less clothes. At the same time it could make us focus more on quality. Also, Second-Hand Apparel could also become more popular due to the higher cost of living.

Sustainability And More Conscious Shopping In Focus

mens fashion trends 2023

In recent years, we have seen more and more fashion players reposition their production to adapt to current societal trends. There is a growing interest in environmental issues, leading consumers to shop more consciously.

Most fashion players are now looking to produce garments using recycled materials and are also trying to incorporate environmental thinking into everything from production to delivery.

Increased Quality Awareness

Men's Fashion 2023

As a result of greater awareness of environmental questions, there is more interest in quality in today’s society. The wear-and-tear society we have had in the fashion industry over the last few decades is questioned, and there is now a more interest in handmade garments and materials. This is very prominent in men’s fashion.

New Material Technology

New material technology mens fashion 2023

Technology is also advancing rapidly in materials technology. This is also having a major impact on the fashion industry. We see classic garments such as suits in stretch materials, which make them more practical and easy to wear.

Many garments are so-called hybrid garments, combining features traditionally found in functional garments with classic men’s fashion garments.

Technology Drives Our Shopping Habits

Metaverse in Men's Fashion

One of the most significant changes we will see in the coming years is in our shopping habits. With the corona pandemic, more and more people started shopping online. It also made it increasingly interesting for all online fashion players to develop better tools to differentiate themselves from the competition.

More and more online men’s fashion sites are now focusing on everything from live shopping to smarter tools for trying on clothes. We will see more brands stepping into the metaverse in the coming years. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the brands that has already made a lot of investments in the Metaverse.

Live shopping in men's fashion

You will also be able to visit fashion stores online and try on clothes through different smart functionalities. The possibility of getting style tips through direct interaction face-to-face will also become more common. This is a feature mostly dealt with through chat functions at the moment.

Another interesting feature that many fashion shops online have implemented is Live Shopping. Here we get style tips, while we at the same time can shop the products at a discounted price directly. These live sessions are usually broadcasted on social media simoultaneously.

Ethical Issues Are More Important

trends in menswear 2023 Ethical issues are more important

Ethical issues also drive an essential part in our shopping behaviour. The above-mentioned quality mindset also has an additional aspect. We have become more aware of the production conditions in low-wage countries where many of the clothes are manufactured today.

It is therefore also important for us as consumers to know the origin of our clothes.

Men’s Fashion Essentials 2023

We’ve arrived at the section highlighting the best-looking garments category by category. Alongside each category, we also give you our top style tips. We like a classic and timeless style. We want to inspire you to find garments that can be worn for several seasons without slavishly following trends.

We start with the best-looking men’s clothing for the current season – autumn and winter fashion.

Jackets And Coats

best models of coats for men 2023

One of the key pieces of clothing for winter is a jacket. Double-breasted overcoats are a popular in classic fashion for men right now. Another type of jacket that is easy to combine with both casual and more formal attire is a long parka.

Among the more classic models of jackets that are always in fashion are Barbour jackets and duffle coats.

Style tip! Go for timeless colours like navy and camel when you buy winter coats. These colours give you unlimited possibilities to mix and match the coats with different styles.

Sweaters And Shirts

best cashmere sweaters for men

Sweaters are one of the key pieces in the wardrobe for the winter. In menswear 2023, we see an increasing interest in knitted jumpers in luxurious cashmere and other high-end fabrics. Merino wool is also a popular and versatile fabric for sweaters in all seasons.

Among shirts we see more focus on wrinkle-free stretch materials. Even the most traditional brands in menswear have started offering these kind of shirts.

Jeans Fashion For Men 2023

jeans fashion for men 2023

Jeans will always be one of our key clothing pieces, no matter the season. Few other pieces of clothing are as useful as jeans in everyday life. For 2023, we see straighter and looser jeans becoming more popular. It is not only for women that we see the so-called “high-waist” jeans becoming popular but also for men. This model has started to be used more and more.

Comfortable and loose are the keywords for men’s jeans fashion in 2023. The tightest models of low-waisted jeans are becoming less popular and one of the classics is Levi’s 501 that celebrates its 150 anniversary in May 2023.

Levi’s model 501 was the world’s first blue jeans and is one of the most fashionable in men’s fashion in 2023. They have a normal-high waist and are made of stretchy cotton quality – nowadays, they are also available in organic cotton. Our top choice among jeans for those who want to dress stylishly in jeans this year, thanks to their versatility!

The style tip! The most important thing to remember when choosing jeans is your shoe style. Jeans with wide, straight legs can be worn with stylish slippers. For sneakers and loafers, however, it’s best to use jeans with slightly narrow trouser legs to create a stylish ensemble. Avoid the ultra-slim styles of jeans unless you’re wearing a higher shoe style like Chelsea boots.

Suits And Blazers For Men 2023

suit fashion for men 2023

Some key pieces in classic menswear will always be blazers and suits. Suits in the spring and summer collections include lighter linen fabrics and a lighter colour palette than in the autumn and winter collections.

Suits that feature double-breasted jackets have come on strong in many collections this season. These suits also typically have a slightly looser fit right now, compared to what we saw a few years ago. Timeless fashion are the keywords when it comes to suits and that is the reason why bespoke tailoring has become more popular in men’s fashion again.

Knitted blazers have also become popular among men as Business Casual is growing in popularity thanks to the flexible work model many companies have. The biggest advantage with knitted blazers is that they are more stretchy, which makes it much easier to choose the right size regardless of body shape.

The trend colours in suits for men in 2023 are various shades of earthy colours, such as brown, beige and beige. A suit in navy is a classic that should be found in every man’s wardrobe.

If we would choose just one piece of garment to buy it would be a navy blue blazer. You can match it with both shirts and a white t-shirt, together with chinos and jeans for many different occasions.

Style tip! Wear your suit with a polo shirt for a more relaxed, but stylish look. In the winter you can wear a polo shirt with long sleeves and in the summer you can go for a short sleeved polo shirt.

Shoe Fashion For Men 2023

There’s no question that sneakers have become one of the most popular shoes in men’s fashion in recent years. These shoes are now used for both casual and more formal styles. Especially with Business Casual becoming so popular, this is a shoe model that many people also use for the office.

best white sneakers for men 2023

The most versatile of all models are white leather sneakers. As always when it comes to shoes, it pays to go for quality. Buy sneakers in genuine leather for the best possible durability and comfort.

best dr Martens boots for men 2023

Other shoe styles that are particularly popular for winter include various models of boots. Classic boots from Dr Martens are a real chameleon that can also be combined with more dressed-up styles.

best uggs boots for men 2023

Another interesting model of footwear for those looking for warm winter shoes are UGGs. Even among men, this shoe model has had a real resurgence this year.

Frequently asked questions – Men’s fashion 2023

How should men dress in 2023?

Classic and timeless fashion for men has become more popular in recent year and that is a development that will continue. Fashion became more extravagant as coronary restrictions ended, and we could move more freely again. Higher living costs could influence how we dress in 2023. Go for a quality clothes with a classic fit and in neutral colours if you want to avoid buying new clothes every season.

What are the most significant men’s fashion trends in 2023?

Clothing for home use will continue to be strong in 2023. Business Casual is also a strong trend in men’s Fashion this year. Sustainability is becoming more important yearly; therefore, quality is a watchword in men’s fashion in 2023.

Where to get inspiration for men’s fashion 2023?

English fashion for men is always going to be a source for inspiration in Fall and Winter clothes. Especially in quality garments with a classic cut, English fashion has always been a source for inspiration. With its casual elegance, Italian menswear is always popular in summer. We also see more interest in Japanese fashion for men right now.

What are the essentials in men’s fashion in 2023?

Multifunctional pieces like knitted blazers, vests and overshirts are trendy in menswear 2023. As Business Casual is growing in popularity we tend to go for more versatile clothes.

What are the trends in men’s fashion in 2023?

In classic menswear 2023, much of the inspiration comes from the 1930s and a few decades ahead. Multifunctional and comfortable clothing are other trends in men’s fashion 2023. Quality and sustainability are key trends in the fashion industry as a whole in 2023.

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