The Most Popular Winter Shoes For Men And Women in 2023

the most popular winter shoes for men and women 2023

UGGs took off in the early 2000s and are now hotter than ever. In the past months, we’ve seen the shoes worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa – but also men seem to have embraced the trend. These are actually the most popular winter shoes for both men and women in 2023.

With over 13 million online searches worldwide in December alone, UGGs are the most popular winter shoes. Perhaps in part because we’re seeing famous influencers wearing the shoes. This doesn’t just include the aforementioned female celebrities. Also, Drake, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber and Adam Sandler have been seen wearing UGGs.

UGGs For Women – Which UGGs are in style in Winter 2023?

The most popular UGG boots for women are still the classic boot. In the last couple of years, models with a lower shaft height have become taken over the top spot from the taller model. Here are the most popular UGGs for women:

UGG Classic Short II Boot

which uggs are in style 2023

The UGG Classic Boot is a modern wardrobe essential that has transcended its original purpose of keeping surfers warm after early-morning sessions. It features an extra lightweight sole to enhance cushioning and traction, making it perfect for pairing with practically any outfit; think loose boyfriend jeans teamed up with a velvet top.

This product was also made in collaboration with HERproject – an initiative dedicated to advancing the economic empowerment of women working in our supply chain factories worldwide.

UGG Tasman Slipper

ugg tasman slippers

In second place among the most popular UGGs for women comes UGG slippers. The best-seller among UGG slippers for women is the Tasman. These UGGs feature a 17mm sheepskin lining and insole crafted from luxurious UGGpure wool. They also have extra underfoot cushion thanks to the Treadlite by UGG outsole, while the plush suede upper provides added style.

The cosy house slipper Scuffette Ii is another very popular slipper model from UGG.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini

uggs ultra mini

The third most popular UGG shoe for women is the UGG Ultra Mini. These shoes provide a classic look with an updated twist. This iconic silhouette has been pre-treated and is designed for long wear, offering signature UGG sheepskin plus a lightweight sole that ensures easy on/off. Let your outfit express itself – the styling possibilities are truly endless!

Most popular UGGs For Men

Among men, we see a greater variety among the models. Here we also find lace-up shoes among the most popular UGGs for men.

UGG Neumel Boot

With the Neumel, UGG has shown that it is more than just a brand for women. Many men also use the classic model of UGGs. But for those who want a more shoe model that combines the best of both worlds. This is the #1 best seller in Men’s Chukka Boots in the US.

Featuring UGG DNA fused with California leisure, this iconic boot boasts a soft suede exterior, wool lining for warmth in any weather, and advanced cushioning, making it both durable AND fashionable; perfect indoors or as part of an effortless everyday ensemble.

UGG Men’s Tasman Slipper

uggs slippers men 2023

Also, among men, the UGG Tasman Slipper is very popular. These slippers effortlessly transition from indoor to outdoor – allowing you the freedom and comfort of a shoe with classic slipper vibes. This lightweight yet durable style features plush wool lining within its slip-on suede silhouette – the perfect companion for weekend adventures or your everyday commute.

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Best alternative to UGGs

best alternative to UGGs

If you are looking for boots similar to UGGs, here is a suggestion! CUSHIONAIRE’s suede platform boots (to the left) were recently launched and immediately became a best seller. These boots feature a Genuine Suede upper, faux fur lining and Memory Foam padding.

On the right you’ll find a model similar to UGGs Ultra Mini, but for half the price. No wonder it’s the #1 Best Seller in Women’s Boots on Amazon right now!

How to wear UGGs

uggs outfit ideas for women
Shoes: UGG Classic Tall II Boot Jeans: Levi’s Jacket: Columbia Similar Jeans: Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans

This type of footwear has often been worn with more casual attire. It is not uncommon to see celebrities wearing UGGs with gym trousers and even shorts. Slim-fit jeans are perfect if you wear the classic model or the Neumel.

The most stylish models of UGGs have light suede leather that goes very well especially with faded jeans. UGGs also go very well with leggings.

Wear the shoes with a long parka for a stylish ensemble. This is an exquisite outfit to wear for cold winter days wherever you are, out in the countryside or an urban environment.

The UGG story

most popular winter shoes for men and women

The background of UGGs is disputed, but what is clear is that the shoe model became popular in Australia in the 1960s. However, they were not used as winter footwear but to keep surfers warm before and after their sessions.

When Australian surfer Brian Smith moved to Southern California, he took the style with him and founded the UGG company with Doug Jensen. However, the latter would hand his share of the company to Smith the following year.

It was not an immediate success. In the first season, it sold only 28 pairs. But after the American team wore UGGs in the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics, the company got international recognition, and the sales took off.

A year later, Smith sold the company to current owner Decker Brands for $14.6 million. After the takeover, the brand posted strong growth figures after the takeover and opened physical stores worldwide. But the real turning point that made UGGs known worldwide was the brand’s exposure to celebrities in the early 2000s.

The starting point is said to have occurred in 2003 when Oprah Winfrey showed off a pair of UGGs in an episode of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”. Oprah bought a whopping 350 pairs of UGGs for the audience and staff on the show. This led to a massive increase in sales worldwide. During this time, celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lopez were also seen wearing the boots.

Despite their popularity, UGGs have mainly been seen as shoes for women. In 2011, in an attempt to expand into the men’s fashion market, Decker Brands featured Tom Brady in its first men’s campaign. This hugely impacted the sales of UGGs among men, and over the past ten years, we have seen UGGs on many male celebrities.

UGG has since developed a reputation for creative and quality products that remain true to the brand mission of unapologetic individuality. From footwear to home decor, UGG continues its journey as one of the most celebrated lifestyle brands today – inspiring anyone who refuses to be constrained by convention.


Are UGGs waterproof?

UGGs are water-resistant but not waterproof.

How to clean UGGs?

The best way to clean UGGs is with a soft brush and UGG Care Kit.

How are UGGs made?

UGGs are made with premium sheepskin or cowhide leather and synthetic materials.

Where are UGGs made?

UGGs are primarily produced in China and Vietnam.

Are UGGs true to size?

UGGs generally fit true to size, but you should check UGG’s official size guide for the most accurate measurements.