What are the best gloves in the world? Here’s the brand most menswear connoisseurs would choose

the best gloves in the world

What are the best gloves in the world? If you ask fashion connoisseurs interested in classic menswear, the answer is likely to be Dents’ gloves. Here we tell you more about the Dents brand and highlight the most stylish models of gloves from the brand.

Founded by John Dent in 1777, Dents set out to produce the highest quality leather gloves. This ambition paid off, and two generations later, it had grown into an iconic brand across Europe, employing over 130 skilled craftsmen at its factories in London and Worcester.

The best gloves in the world?

Dents James Bond gloves worn by Daniel Craig

Dents’ gloves have remained synonymous with elegant craftsmanship for over two centuries. Each pair is created through a sophisticated process of 32 steps that ensures each glove provides an impeccable fit – just like the legendary bespoke suits from renowned Savile Row tailors.

Dents has been a longstanding fixture in the glove market for over two centuries, supplying to royalty and celebrities alike. This is due to their unparalleled craftsmanship and the care taken with each client. As a testimony of this unmistakable quality, they even crafted gloves King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II used during their respective coronation ceremonies.

Dents’ gloves have been featured prominently on the hands of some legendary figures, including racing ace Sir Stirling Moss and iconic movie characters – Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Batman and Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

The most stylish gloves from Dents

Some of Dents’ most famous models include their signature cashmere-lined leather gloves, classic wool gauntlets and the ever-popular fingerless driving gloves. Dents also offer a wide range of colours and patterns, so you can find the perfect pair to match any outfit. No matter which style you decide on, each pair will surely be crafted with care and attention to ensure ultimate comfort and durability.

Here are our picks for the most stylish gloves from Dents:

Wolseley Handsewn Vicuña Lined Peccary Leather Gloves

the best gloves in the world

If you’re asking which single pair are the best gloves in the world, we have a candidate for you. For those who seek only the very best in terms of quality, craftsmanship and materials come Dents’ most luxurious gloves yet.

Crafted with carefully selected rare peccary leather from South America’s wild hogs combined with unbeatably soft vicuña wool – revered as “the cloth of gold”, it is no wonder these exquisite specimens have earned themselves a certificate of authenticity. Meticulously handsewn using three points for attention to detail and lined exclusively by 100% Vicuña, each pair is presented in an elegant Dents box alongside their strap and roller fastening – providing a style that will endure through time without compromise.

Gloucester Gloves

Gloucester gloves from dents

Dents’ Havana Brown Gloucester Cashmere Lined Deerskin Leather Gloves (top image) are the perfect addition to any casual wardrobe. The maturity of the leather’s grain creates a handsome appearance over time, enhanced by each stitch cleverly crafted with extraordinary skill and care. Every pair is lined in plush cashmere for extra comfort and warmth during those chilly weekends – making them both functional yet fashionable when you want to relax but still look your best!

Fleming Driving Glove

Fleming driving gloves

Daniel Craig wore a unique driving glove in the world-renowned James Bond film “Spectre” – an impeccable design featuring updates to classic keyholes and fastenings. Crafted from British hair sheep leather, this durable yet supple material offers lasting comfort for drivers looking for improved grip. Hairsheep is highly sought after due to its natural strength and elasticity; perfect attributes of a true statement piece!

Garston Deerskin Leather Gloves

Garston Deerskin Leather Gloves

Impeccable quality and craftsmanship, these classic Dents Garstone Men’s Deerskin Leather Gloves have been expertly crafted in England using the finest deerskin leather. Boasting three handsewn points with a traditional hand-stitched seam, they are kept securely fastened with an eye-catching brass stud closure – perfect for making a timeless style statement this season.

Lumley Fur Lined Leather Gloves

Lumley Fur Lined Leather Gloves

For the ultimate experience of comfort when using touchscreen devices, hairsheep leather is renowned for its unparalleled strength and elasticity. With no visible markings due to their unique fine hair-like texture, this truly luxurious material provides an unrivalled smooth finish while boasting considerable durability – making it a popular choice amongst those looking for gloves that last.

Chelsea English Tan

Chelsea English Tan gloves

Discover a timeless look crafted from the most luxurious materials: Hairsheep leather. With its natural strength and elasticity, this glove is sure to last for years – durable enough for everyday use yet soft as cashmere on your skin, complete with three handsewn points and palm vents for superior comfort.

Muncaster Hairsheep Leather Gloves

Muncaster Hairsheep Leather Gloves

A classic combination of country style and luxurious comfort, these Dents Muncaster Men’s Hairsheep Leather Gloves with Abraham Moon Yorkshire tweed will keep any man warm and stylish. Crafted in England with premium deerskin leather, renowned for its strength and elasticity, and tough-looking grain texture, they are lined inside the finest three-ply cashmere.

An incredibly soft fibre spun from mountain goat hair which is both lightweight and wonderfully cosy. Enjoy this sophisticated pairing from one of Great Britain’s oldest vertical woollen mills, established in 1837, to achieve exceptional quality every time.

The Suited Racer x Dents Griffin Driving Gloves

The Suited Racer x Dents Griffin Driving Gloves

Crafted with expert attention to detail, The Suited Racer and Dents have created the Griffin gloves. Made from luxuriously soft hair sheep leather famed for its strength and elasticity, this bold two-colour design features elasticated wristbands, keyhole backs, cross cutouts, plus subtle perforated detailing that will ensure a close fit for superior grip.

Complemented by contrast-coloured forchettes and straps as well as an iconic stud – these designer gloves are ideal for comfort and style.

If you’re looking for the best gloves in the world, Dents is a brand to consider. Here, we’ve brought you some of the most stylish models of gloves from Dents – gloves that will be a fashion statement for many seasons to come.

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