3 Trending Coffee Alternatives 2024

trending coffee alternatives 2024

In recent times, a significant shift in beverage preferences has emerged among coffee enthusiasts, with 39%* of them actively seeking to reduce their caffeine intake. This trend has given rise to a variety of coffee alternatives, each offering a unique way to energize without relying on traditional caffeine sources. Here are three trending coffee alternatives for 2024.

Mushroom coffee and matcha tea, for instance, have gained substantial popularity among those looking for a different kind of morning kick. Capitalizing on this shift, numerous direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are swiftly entering the market, introducing innovative and convenient substitutes for traditional coffee.

These emerging alternatives not only promise a lower caffeine content but also bring a novel experience to the daily ritual of countless individuals. As we explore the landscape of trending coffee alternatives in 2024, we also delve into the reasons behind their rising popularity and the impact they are having on the conventional coffee culture.

Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Coffee has emerged as one of the most captivating trends in the realm of coffee alternatives, resonating with a growing audience seeking both health benefits and a unique taste experience. With a staggering five-year growth of +733% and a global monthly search volume of 246,000, this innovative beverage is more than just a fleeting trend; it’s a significant shift in how people approach their daily caffeine ritual.

At its core, Mushroom Coffee is a blend of traditional coffee mixed with powdered mushrooms known for their medicinal properties. This fusion creates a beverage that not only offers the familiar kick of caffeine but also provides the added benefits associated with various medicinal mushrooms. These benefits can include improved focus, enhanced immune function, and reduced inflammation, making Mushroom Coffee not just a stimulant, but a wellness drink.

The concept of Mushroom Coffee taps into several key consumer trends: the desire for natural, health-boosting ingredients; the growing interest in functional foods; and the appeal of novel, yet familiar, taste experiences. Its popularity reflects a broader shift towards more mindful consumption, where individuals are not just seeking energy but also wellness and sustainability in their dietary choices.

Blue Matcha

Blue Matcha, an entrancing variant of the traditional matcha tea, is swiftly gaining momentum as a sought-after coffee alternative. With a global monthly search volume of 9.9K and an impressive five-year growth rate of +683%, it’s clear that Blue Matcha is not just a trend, but a burgeoning staple in the wellness and beverage industry.

Distinct from its green counterpart, Blue Matcha is crafted from specially cultivated blue-hued tea leaves. This unique characteristic not only gives it a visually stunning blue color but also sets it apart in terms of taste and health benefits. The vibrant blue hue is due to the presence of phycocyanin, a natural pigment found in these leaves, which is also credited with potent antioxidant properties.

Among the myriad of health benefits attributed to Blue Matcha are its potential to bolster the immune system and assist in weight loss. These claims have piqued the interest of health-conscious individuals and those seeking natural ways to enhance their well-being. Furthermore, Blue Matcha is caffeine-free, making it an ideal choice for those who are sensitive to caffeine or looking to reduce their intake while still enjoying a warm, comforting beverage.


Chagaccino, a novel and flavorful fusion of chai tea and cappuccino, is rapidly carving out a niche in the world of coffee alternatives. With a remarkable five-year growth of +2200% and a global monthly search volume reaching 5.4K, Chagaccino is not just a fleeting trend, but a burgeoning phenomenon in the beverage sector.

This innovative drink masterfully combines the spicy, aromatic qualities of chai tea with the smooth, rich texture of a cappuccino. The result is a unique beverage that offers a complex blend of flavors and aromas, providing a sensory experience far different from traditional coffee or tea drinks. The spices commonly found in chai, such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger, meld seamlessly with the creamy, frothy characteristics of a cappuccino, creating a warm, comforting, and invigorating drink.

The soaring popularity of Chagaccino can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, it caters to the growing desire for variety and novelty in coffee and tea consumption. People are increasingly looking for new taste experiences, and Chagaccino delivers this with its distinctive blend of flavors.

Secondly, it appeals to those seeking alternatives to conventional coffee, either for health reasons or to reduce their caffeine intake, without compromising on taste or the ritual of enjoying a hot beverage.

Moreover, Chagaccino taps into the current trend towards fusion beverages, where the blending of different traditional drinks leads to innovative and exciting new products. This trend reflects the broader culinary movement towards experimentation and the fusion of global flavors, resonating with adventurous consumers and those with a palate for discovery.

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