Best suitcases – Here are our top picks for 2023

best suitcases 2023

With most of the COVID-19 restrictions gone, the travel craze is bigger than ever. After several years without travelling abroad, many may feel the need to update their travel luggage. Here, we’ve put together the best suitcases 2023.

A weekend bag is often enough for shorter trips, but for longer trips abroad, you’ll need a larger piece of luggage to check-in. There is a huge variety of suitcases on the market, which can make it difficult to choose.

What suitcase should I buy?

Best suitcases 2023

That brings us to the following question; what exactly is a good suitcase, and what should you consider when buying a suitcase? According to studies, these are some of the most common problems with suitcases:

  • Broken zippers
  • Damaged fabric
  • Difficult to handle

As for the latter problem of handling, it has been found that those who choose suitcases with four wheels are generally more satisfied than those who chose suitcases with two wheels. The weight of the luggage was also important when handling a piece of luggage.

Which Suitcase Brand is best?

There are many good brands for suitcases. Among the brands that constantly receive good reviews from customers and that also excel in product development are the following:

Best suitcases 2023

As mentioned, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to suitcases. Which suitcase is the best? It partly depends on the purpose of use, but there are a few things to consider when choosing a suitcase. It rarely pays to go for the cheapest options as they usually have poor durability.

Remember that suitcases are rarely treated very carefully after check-in. Therefore, you should choose a suitcase that can withstand hard knocks if you want a model that will last many years. The best suitcases on the market today are both lightweight and made of very good materials. Therefore, choosing among the best models is mostly a matter of design.

Here are our favourites among the best suitcases in 2023:

TUMI – Best In Test 2023

best in test suitcases 2023

TUMI is a very popular brand that scored well in the aforementioned Consumer Reports test. This brand is consistently among the highest ranked suitcases best in test no matter where you look online.

These are both practical and stylish suitcases that are equipped with exceptional features. Above all, it is a durable and lightweight suitcase thanks to its aluminium shell. Each suitcase undergoes 30 tests to ensure quality, which says a lot about how dedicated the company is to perfection.

Brics’s – The Celebrities’ Favourite Suitcase

the celebrities' favourite suitcase 2023

Italian Bric’s was founded back in 1952 and has some top-notch suitcases in its range. The collection that stands out from the crowd is the Bellagio, which is also a favourite among many celebrities. Famous users of Bric’s Bellagio suitcases are Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton – just to name a few. That’s not to say there’s anything feminine about the model; it’s just as stylish for men.

The Bellagio is available in various colours, all with stylish leather detailing to ensure the bag ages with dignity. The durability is excellent as the bags are made from the exclusive and durable material macrolon polycarbonate. The bag also has four-wheel casters, making it easy to handle. This a unique vintage suitcase for the exclusive traveller who wants to be unique and not compromise on style or quality.

Delsey – Suitcases With Best Reviews

luggage with best reviews 2023

For 75 years, Delsey has been creating timeless and stylish luggage solutions for travelers. Chatelet Air is their spinner model exemplifying this elegant class, crafted from polycarbonate material to provide superior temperature resilience and impact strength – all encased in a luxurious leather-like texture.

But it’s not just about modernizing classic designs; Delsey also puts great effort into innovation that limits its environmental footprint while enabling customers to travel elegantly with the most advanced pieces of luggage around.

The suitcases from Delsey get high ratings especially in maneuverability, light weight and sturdiness. Verified buyer Steven Hill gives the Delsey Carry-on luggage in Champagne White five stars out of five on Amazon US:

“I did a lot of research before picking my carryon for a 2 week trip to Italy and Switzerland. I love the quality of all the zippers, and how large and easy they are to use. I also bought the matching tote to go along with it and love that as well. The size is slightly larger than may be allowed, but I think I’ll be fine on Delta anyway. Will report back if any troubles, leaving today!”

Briggs & Riley – Best Expandable Hardside Suitcase

best expandable hard side suitcase

If you’re an avid traveler looking for the perfect travel bag, look no further than the Large Expandable Spinner. With room to fit all your must-haves and souvenirs from each destination plus superior protection from Makrolon polycarbonate material that is scratch-proof and scuff resistant – it’s your go-to for worry free journeys.

Plus, Briggs & Riley CX system expands up to 25% more space so you don’t have sacrifice bringing any of those extras along for the ride.

Briggs & Riley Sympatico is one of the suitcases with the highest rating on Amazon. It has an average rating of 5/5 for maneuverability and durability. Also for its light weight it gets 4.8 from the users that have bought it.

Reading through the comments it is clear that many of the users also appreciate the good use of interior space inside the suitcase. User under the name Avid Traveller has the following comment about Briggs & Riley Sympatico: “Looked at Rimowa and picked this due to 70/30 split compartment unavailable in both Rimowas and Tumi.. no regrets.. well made smooth wheels good use of interior space.”

Victorinox – Suitcase With Best Durability

Suitcase with best durability 2023

The Spectra Collection from Victorinox has a stylish, scratch-resistant matte finish and lightweight yet durable design made with 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate construction for maximum strength.

These cases also offer expandable capacity up to 47% and easy rolling action across any terrain due its soft tread wheels and 360 degree maneuverability.

International and domestic travelers need not worry about the security of their luggage when flying- thanks to TSA Approved locks. These specialised locks unlock temporarily upon inspection, enabling U.S. TSA screeners to check your bags without having to force them open or permanently damage the lock.

Samsonite – Best suitcase and cabin bag in the same series

Best suitcase and cabin bag in the same series 2023

With this Samsonite set, you can travel in style and security. Its 20″ carry-on size is perfect for domestic trips requiring light packing; while the 24″/28″ spinner bags are ideal for longer journeys that need maximized capacity without compromising safety or design.

Thanks to micro-diamond polycarbonate textures providing extreme scratch resistance, your cases will remain pristine even after multiple trips – and with a 10 year limited warranty on materials and workmanship against defects included. You can also rest assured, knowing your belongings are secure from theft thanks to side-mounted TSA locks.

Bric’s Porsche Design – Best Suitcase With USB-port

Best suitcase with USB-port 2023

For the modern, sophisticated traveler comes Porsche Design’s Urban Eco Collection. Their 27-inch Expandable Travel Bag is crafted with premium polycarbonate for water resistance and a generous interior designed to maximize packing space.

Loaded with features – from its USB charging port to Japanese ball-bearing spinning wheels that swivel 360 degrees – this bag expertly combines luxurious materials and functionality into one stylish package perfect when jetting around town or across continents.

FAQs – Best Suitcases 2023

Which suitcase should I choose?

Make sure to choose a high-quality suitcase! You should choose a suitcase with four wheels for easy manoeuvrability, and it’s also important that the suitcases you bring to check-in are rugged and have good zippers.

Which suitcases are the best?

Brands like TUMI, Victorinox and Samsonite have received very good reviews in various online quality tests. They have some of the most durable suitcases on the market. Slightly cheaper versions of high-quality suitcases include brands such as Bric’s. A brand that is popular thanks to its distinctive design.

Where to find the best suitcases online?

Among the online stores with the best selection of suitcases is Amazon, that has many quality brands in its range. There are also other specialized online stores with a good range of suitcases.

Are there suitcases that follow you?

Yes, there is a smart suitcase that can follow you under the name Airwheel SR5. This smart autonomous device is equipped with advanced UWB and sensor technology so it can follow you without bumping into people or objects.

When did suitcases with wheels come?

The first commercially successful wheeled suitcase was invented in 1970. It was the American Bernard D. Sadow who applied for a patent, which was granted in 1972.

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