Here is the smart suitcase that follows you

Smart suitcase that follows you

In an era of rapid technological development, suitcases are still surprisingly traditional in design. But we have seen more and more suitcases with built-in technology in recent years, like charging capabilities. Another type of bag in demand, but where we still don’t have many options, is a smart suitcase that follows you. However, there is at least one exception – Airwheel’s SR5 Auto Following Smart Luggage.

Airwheel SR5 – The smart suitcase that follows you

smart suitcase that follows you

Get ready to experience the future of luggage with Airwheel’s revolutionary robot suitcase – SR5. This smart autonomous device is equipped with advanced UWB and sensor technology so it can follow you without bumping into people or objects, regardless of what kind of terrain lies ahead on your journey: from carpets to cement roads and airport conveyor belts.

smart suitcase that follows you

At a convenient 20 inches, this international standard suitcase easily fits in most overhead bins and can be brought on board for direct storage. With its innovative design featuring easy-to-use 90-degree side opening panelling, secure TSA lock and adjustable aluminium rods, you’ll never have to worry about leaving important items behind or waiting endlessly at checkpoints again. Plus, an external USB port ensures electronic devices stay charged throughout your journey.

Suitcase with mobile remote control

Suitcase with mobile remote control

The suitcase has a mobile remote control with an intelligent alarm system and obstacle-avoidance capabilities. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth for an unbeatable combination of convenience and safety. You will be alerted if you ever separate from your device while its smart sensors scan and analyze real-time data to navigate around people or objects without any bumps.

The SR5 is powered by a dual-wheel drive system with a wheel hub motor capable of up to 40W. Its removable lithium-ion battery satisfies airline boarding requirements and provides your electronics, such as phones and tablets, with much-needed juice while on the move.

Smart rideable Luggage

Smart rideable Luggage

Another innovative luggage from Airwheel is their smart rideable suitcase Airwheel SE3. With its unique ergonomic handle design and comfortable feeling, this scooter transforms into speed mode with just one second of button-pushing.

In addition to the adjustable gear design that caters to different body heights, it also passed thousands of heavy load stretch tests for long life endurance. Crafted from sturdy PC-ABS material with a TSA coded lock as an extra layer of security plus having a mobile charging station too.

smart riding suitcase

What makes this even more special is its big 29.3L volume capacity – cleverly divided into separate compartments so that you can use every inch space effectively!

With an external USB charging port, you can stay connected to the world no matter where your travels take you. Perfect for business trips and everyday commutes, this device lets you charge all of your portable electronic devices – including phones and tablets – while on-the-go.

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