Hendrick’s Unveils Flora Adora – A Botanical Burst in its Premium Gin Collection

hendricks flora adora new gin 2023

Hendrick’s Gin, renowned for its premium spirits, has now introduced Flora Adora to the world, a limited edition gin under the intriguing and experimental “Cabinet of Curiosities” series. The series is the brainchild of the esteemed Master Distiller Lesley Gracie, whose latest creation draws inspiration from the diverse botanical gardens and their alluring floral varieties.

“Cabinet of Curiosities” first made its debut in 2019. Conceived by Gracie, the unique project takes shape inside a cabinet at the Girvan Distillery, a sacred place accessible only to her. This cabinet is a treasure trove of herbs, essences, and a myriad of taste and aroma experiments, which gave birth to this series.

Hendrick's gin "cabinet of curiosities"

Flora Adora marks the reopening of the cabinet of curiosities, marrying the essence of blossoming gardens with the art of gin crafting. Featuring a bouquet of floral flavours topped with juniper and coriander undertones, Hendrick’s newest gin creation is touted to be the star of early summer gatherings.

At Hendrick’s Gin Palace, located along the rugged Ayrshire coast in southwest Scotland, Gracie immerses herself in the botanical world. Her fascination with plant pollination in her garden led to the infusion of botanical flowers into Flora Adora, adding a burst of nature to every sip.

the new Hendrick's flora adore gin 2023

Flora Adora comes with a robust floral character intertwined with ethereal flavours. Classic Hendrick’s juniper notes are enhanced by the freshness of coriander and cucumber, with a distinct herbaceousness and fresh, floral flavour notes. The sweet and deep aftertaste is characterized by Hendrick’s trademark iris root and rose water.

The scent presents a distinct yet almost mystical floral aroma, balanced harmoniously by a fresh and herbal undertone.

3 Best Summer Cocktails Using Hendrick’s Flora Adora

Here are the best gin-based cocktails in 2023, using Hendrick’s Flora Adora:

Best Summer Cocktails Using Hendrick's Flora Adora

Flora Adora Tonic

How to make it:

Measure all ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice. Stir lightly and top with Tonic. Garnish with a cucumber slice, serve and enjoy! 

Best Summer Cocktails 2023 Using Hendrick's Flora Adora

Flora Adora Clover Club

How to make it:

Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake hard until well chilled. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Best Summer Cocktails 2023 Using Hendrick's Flora Adora

Flora Adora Clover Wildgarden Cup

  • 5 cl Hendrick’s Flora Adora
  • 2.5 cl lemon juice
  • 2.5 cl sugar syrup
  • Soda water
  • 4 raspberries, 6 mint leaves and 3 cucumber slices
  • Ice cream

Proceed as follows:

Fill the glass with ice cubes. Add the raspberries and mint to the glass, and add Hendrick’s Flora Adora, lemon and sugar syrup. Mix gently. Top with soda water, gently mix again and garnish with cucumber.

Other Releases in The Series Cabinet of Curiosities

hendrick's neptunia gin "cabinet of curiosities"

Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin

In 2022, Hendrick’s made waves in the gin world with the launch of Neptunia Gin. This unique spirit embodies the enchanting essence of the sea, straight from the renowned Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Ms Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Staying true to the signature Hendrick’s house style, Neptunia Gin combines the classic collection of 11 botanicals and the exquisite infusion of rose and cucumber. However, it takes things further by introducing a delightful chorus of coastal botanicals, adding another wave of flavour to the mix.

The result is a gin that delivers a deeply refreshing experience reminiscent of a distant sea breeze, with a smooth and bright citrus finish.

This limited-release libation is truly a curiosity in the world of gin and makes for an exceptional gift, appealing to both gin aficionados and those who appreciate the allure of coastlines.

Neptunia Gin serves as a captivating foundation for cocktails, its unique character shining through in every sip. And for those seeking a treasure of a gin base for the classic Gimlet cocktail, Neptunia is sure to deliver a truly unforgettable drinking experience.

Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

Hendricks lunar gin "cabinet of curiosities

In 2021, Hendrick’s released a unique gin called Hendrick’s Lunar Gin. This special release is a rare occurrence, happening only once in a blue moon from the esteemed Hendrick’s Master Distiller, Ms Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Hendrick’s Lunar Gin stays true to the signature Hendrick’s house style, which includes a carefully selected collection of 11 botanicals and exquisite infusions of rose and cucumber. However, this gin goes a step further by incorporating some intriguing additions, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, mellow spiced gin with a subtle citrus finish.

What sets Hendrick’s Lunar Gin apart is its peculiarity and uniqueness. It stands out from any other gin you’ve tasted before. With its refreshing quality and delightful warmth, this gin is meant to be enjoyed and shared during evening hours as the sun sets and the moon illuminates the sky.

Crafted in small batches, each production run of Hendrick’s Lunar Gin yields a mere 550 litres. Considering the gin world, that’s a pretty minuscule quantity.

This gin is ideally savoured during quiet nights at home, providing a moment of relaxation and indulgence.