Orient Express has revealed its never-before-seen décors in an immersive exhibition

orient express

Shifting from a distant dream to an eye-opening reality, the Orient Express is making its return. 140 years after Georges Nagelmackers brought his vision of luxury train travel into fruition, new life has been injected into this iconic legend unveiling its latest iteration set for launch in 2025.

Prior to that historic day, Both Paris and Miami were given an exclusive peek at what’s yet to come during the exhibition “Orient Express Revelation”.

the orient express interior design

From October to December, we have been whisked away into an adventure of fantastic proportions with “Orient Express Revelation”. Unlocking the door opened up a unique digital experience that took us through the intricately designed carriages crafted by acclaimed architect Maxime d’Angeac.

As if stepping back in time, these grandiose designs were drawn from classic 1920s style while incorporating modern touches of luxury perfect for our age.

For the past two decades, Maxime d’Angeac has been reviving classic beauties under his architectural eye. From luxury homes such as Daum, Hermès and Guerlain to revolutionary artistic movements – his admiration for them are evident in all of his projects.

This time he’s taken on an extraordinary adventure: reinterpreting a legendary train into an embassy of French luxury with help from the country’s most exquisite craftsmen – a dream spurred by imagination turning it into reality.

orient express interior

For the first time, Orient Express has opened its beautiful Bar-Car to passengers. Sumptuously designed under domes of light reminiscent of Second Empire style, complete with a glass counter and Lalique homage -the perfect venue for cocktail hour or dinner dates.

Revisiting a treasured motif, Maxime d’Angeac has breathed fresh life into the Orient Express. You can relive this timeless classic through dazzling mirrored arches and tables lined with wrap-around armchairs illuminated by enchanting lampshades which recreate Suzanne Lalique’s designs from the 1930s – all set against bright stone board partitions for an unforgettable experience.

rooms inside the orient express

The Suites offer an exquisite escape into a world of elegance, comfort and functionality. With curved walls presented in luxurious wood and leather tones combined with distinctive headboards hand-embroidered out of materials such as mother of pearl, bronze and walnut woods – you’re sure to find solace right here.

orient express interior

A beautiful installation featuring famous Lalique “Blackbirds & Grapes” panels provides the perfect backdrop for your rejuvenating stay. And through the “Great Transformation”, be prepared to experience true indulgence on the large sofas morphed effortlessly into comfortable beds while accompanied by a bathroom & dressing room that complete this perfectly thought layout!

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