Garmin launches Tacx® NEO Bike Plus – The best indoor smart bike for the outdoor experience

best smart indoor bike for the outdoor experience

If you are looking for the best indoor smart bike for the outdoor experience, this could be the most interesting release of 2023! Garmin has now unveiled the Tacx® NEO Bike Plus – an indoor smart bike designed to make training from home more productive than ever.

It features a realistic road feel, simulated gradients and virtual shifting for maximum riding pleasure while offering accurate power, speed and cadence metrics in any situation – even during sprints. You can experience all this with minimal noise thanks to its silent operation.

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Best indoor smart bike for the outdoor experience

best smart indoor bike for the outdoor experience

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus indoor bike is a modernized version of the popular Neo Bike Smart Trainer. Many of the core features are the same as on the predecessor, but it offers improved ergonomics and refinements to the virtual drivetrain and shifters. It also has an updated system for setting up your position on the bike.

Featuring advanced training and performance metrics, this bike can make any trip feel like a real-life journey. You can instantly tap into different gears by pairing programmable shifters for SHIMANO, SRAM or Campagnolo.

You can connect to external power sources for descent simulation and measure pedalling technique improvements through both left and right legs analytics. Gravel roads become more realistic than ever, using 3rd party apps such as the powerful Tacx Training app.

Quite and stable

Cycling performance can easily be unlocked with the Tacx NEO Bike Plus. Boasting accurate power measurements within 1%, plus dependable speed and cadence readings. This well-balanced bike give you an uncompromising view of your progress while remaining whisper quiet and stable up to 2,200 watts.

To maximize intensity, climbs become even more realistic with simulated inclines up to 25% gradient.

Easily adjustable

best indoor smart bike for outdoor experience 2023

The Tacx NEO Bike Plus is the perfect solution for households with multiple cyclists. Adjustable in every way, from crank length to seat post and handlebar stem. It can be fine-tuned down to the millimetre and comes equipped with interactive fans that respond intuitively according to power output or heart rate.

Impressive display

Combining an impressive 4.5-inch integrated display and two USB chargers, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus enables cyclists to access many training systems via their smartphone or tablet, including popular platforms such as the Tacx App.

best display indoor smart bike 2023

With a premium subscription, riders can experience over 250 state-of-the-art videos from all corners of the world whilst joining exclusive Garmin-sponsored teams for “Ride with Pro” challenges, allowing them to track performance on their Edge® cycling computer.

In addition, you will have further options available, like structured routines & real-time racing against opponents, along with GPS data tracking and 3D mapping technology.

With a Garmin device, cyclists can stay connected to their rides and quickly access all the data they need – from a distance travelled and ride times to elevation gain maps. All this information is conveniently available in one spot with the Garmin Connect™ app so you can continually monitor your performance progress.

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